Re: Move pictures, Automatic SlideShow CD

As for putting the photos on a CD - I think that creating a webpage on
the CD can be a solution for having it work on all OSs (Linux, Windows
and OS X).

About the "Moving-Copying Files" things - I think this is a door of
troubles. Having F-Spot create directories that it should ignore, or
replace locations of pictures from the database with others - It all
sounds too unknown as for "what is going to happen if I'll use this

Hope you understood my points - my English isn't very good.

Nice weekend.

On Fri, 29 Oct 2004 14:45:00 +0900 (JST), Bengt Thuree <bengt thuree com> wrote:
> Hej
> Would this option be something of interest for F-Spot?
> Moving-Copying pictures.
> ------------------------
> 1) Move the picture(s) to a new directory
> 2) Copy the picture(s) to a new directory, and f-spot will refere to the
> new copy.
> 3) Duplicate the picture(s) to a new directory, and f-spot will still
> refere to the old file.
> Nothing from a f-spot users point of view, but if a person wants to have
> their own directory structure, or perhaps wants to create a special
> directory (cd?) with some images.
> Preparing a CD with pictures.
> -----------------------------
> It would be nice to prepare a CD with pictures, to be sent to friends and
> family. For conveniance there should be a slideshow viewer on this CD.
> Should work in PC, Mac and Linux/BSD environment. AutoStart slideshow in
> all environments.
> Preparing a DVD with pictures.
> ------------------------------
> Could also prepare a DVD with an automatic slideshow of some pictures.
> Makes it easier to send some pictures to someone who do not have a
> computer, but do have a TV for instance.
> My small few cents of thoughts...
> /Bengt
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