Use case addition 2


I just thought of another use case.

After adding a number of tags to each photo Isztwan realize that the
file name IMG0010.jpg do not really give much information of the
picture. He quickly selects the pictures to be renamed, then starts the
rename function, selects the template for how the new filename should be
created, and that the original file should be saved in another
directory. Clicks on OK, and all selected pictures have been renamed.
Much easier for grandmother to understand what each picture contains at
a glance this way.

The template should make it easy to choose 
* a Date/Time stamp from Exif (the full YYYYMMDDHHMMSS, or just a part
of it like YYMMDDHHMM), 
* some of the other tags, for instance
	- country
	- location
	- keyword (the first one...)
* Manual string
* a counter value (starting index, and how many digits (like 01, or


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