Use Case addition?


I thought of another small addition to the use case list that I think
would be very help-full. At least in the way I work I would really
appreciate it.

> Managing
> 6.Isztwan has a number of photos taken by his friends at various gigs
> and events. He always asks them if he could copy those before heading
> home. He’d like to be able to mark those images to be able to query
> his library by author. Unfortunately his camera, nor the ones of his
> friends stores such information in EXIF headers. He already has images
> by his friends in the library and is able to find them querying for
> events.

7. After having imported the latest photos from his camera as well as
from a cd, Isztwan is very happy to see that he can easily choose to see
(work) only with the latest imported batch of pictures. (He could choose
to work with one or more of the five latest import batches ). This makes
it very easy for him to categorize the pictures, as well as verify the

This would help if you have 10,000 pictures and just imported another
200. If you for instance wants to see which of the pictures you just
imported had the tag Wife, and you select this tag you should not get
ALL wife tagged pictures, but only the wife tagged pictures of this
import batch. When you de-select this tag you see all the pictures from
this import batch again.

Sorry for my bad English, but I hope I managed to get the idea across


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