I just wanted to say thank you for a very very promising software.
I am really looking forward to see, and hopefully also help, this
program evolve into what has been described in various places. 

I am willing to help out in some smaller areas. Smaller, since I need to
learn c# and mono... 

This application is very much wanted though, since we are taking more
and more photos with our digital camera and it is getting hopeless to
find a specific picture.

I would like to add the following to the UseCase in the wiki. Do not
really know how to do it though.

> 4. Isztwan has a photo that’s slightly tilted and he’d like to fix the
> horizon easily.
Isztwan also wants to send some photos to some friends, and are
delighted that the photos contains embedded information with Copyright,
date, location, country, keywords, people etc. Since the embedded
information follows the standard he knows that his friends can view the
pictures as well as the extra embedded information.

I hope their will be a synchronize function which will synchronize the
selected images in either direction. Either re-read the images (if you
have manipulated the information in another software), or store the
images (for viewing in other software)


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