Re: ANDing categories together

On Wed, 20 Oct 2004 20:43:24 +0100
Laurence Hygate <loz flower powernet co uk> wrote:

> This patch makes categories work the way I intuitively expected. Of
> course I'm a geek, so using my opinion for this sort of thing is
> dangerous.
> * You can select/deselect all tags and categories independently
> * Only photos which have all tags are displayed
> * A photo is considered to "have" a tag if it is tagged with it or any
> of its children

I think the way to go would be to OR connect single tags inside one
categorie and AND connect with other categories. Thus
'People > Mum'
'People > Dad'
'Event  > Christmas'
would yield the query:
SELECT Photos FROM Lib WHERE People='Mum' OR
                             People='Dad' AND
                             Event ='Christmas';

This is the way I would expect it. But for the future would be nice to
have some GUI to AND/OR/NOT connect the different tags. Probably
something with DnD of tags and AND/OR/NOT fields and maybe a natural
'Show all Photos from «Mum» and «Dad» at «Christmas»'
But this will get hard for custom tags ...


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