Re: Trying f-spot for (almost) the first time

On Fri, 2004-10-22 at 15:03 -0500, Larry Ewing wrote:

> you can.  The directory selection logic in gtkfilechooser is just very,
> very confusing.  Federico you want to comment on this? 
> >       * Importing a directory was very confusing somehow.  The file
> >         dialog made it very difficult since it kept OPENING the
> >         directory I was trying to import.  For some reason it took me a
> >         while to notice that the "Open" button was enabled even when
> >         nothing was selected.  Also, once a directory was selected, it
> >         was hard to unselect it.  (You have to hold down ctrl and click
> >         that directory again.)
> Bug Federico, this is stock gtk here.

Yeah, this is pretty confusing.  It happens because the file chooser
tries to do the same thing when you double-click on an item and when you
click the "Open" button.  Say you are navigating a folders-only chooser.
You double-click on a folder in the list.  Do you mean "select this and
close the dialog", or "enter this folder because I want to select a

> >       * When an icon is assigned to a tag, the tag spacing isn't updated
> >         to hold the image, and the image is chopped off.
> File a GtkTreeView bug.  It should resize when the pixbuf in a row
> changes.

Did your tree model emit a notification?


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