Re: tags vs albums

On Wed, 2004-10-20 at 16:32 +0200, Jakub Steiner wrote:
> Hi Folks,
> *food for thought*
> Proposal - Albums
> =================
> I propose we use a concept of Albums and Virtual Albums (similar to
> vFolders in Evolution) instead of tags.

Totally agree.  This is the way that iphoto has gone (though I don't
think they call it virtual albums, but somthing else), and the concepts
of virtual folders are common in other apps, from iphoto, itunes,
outlook, etc.  The key is making the UI good enough so that it can do
complex things without looking all that complex.

> Export Implementation
> ---------------------
> Mostly every web image gallery is structured in albums. Even stored
> queries (Virtual Albums) could be generated as static HTML. 

I think that there should maybe be a plugin system, or the export list
should grow as f-spot gets more mature.  I know that gallery has a
plugin system of some sort as iphoto has an extension written for it to
allow the user to save to gallery.  It worked quite well IIRC.  I'm not
aware of that many other popular gallery software packages, but if the
ability was made to hook into whatever API they had, this would of
course be a Good Thing.

I'd say that including a gallery export and an export to flat HTML (with
a few options of per page, fonts, etc) would be quite adequate for a
start.  Having the flat HTML look nice, but also have a good CSS
structure would allow the web designers out there to customize for


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