I'm very sorry to bug you again.. I'm having trouble with the exif part of F-Spot. It doesn't read any exif information on jpeg files that clearly do have it. I tried to have a look at the source code, although I've never used c#.

In ExifUtils the information is read using ExposureInfo in ExifData. The instantiation of exif_data works fine, but while doing the first data lookup it never returns to the function and just exits GetExposureInfo altogether and leaving info uninitialized. I took a look at ExifData and saw that the Assemble part is the thing where it gets stuck. Could it be that my exif library is broken or not working together with F-Spot? I'm using the Debian unstable version. After renaming /usr/lib/ to something else I don't even get an error message.


Wouter de Vries <w l devries student tudelft nl>

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