Re: [evolution-patches] add missing labels to dock items

Rodrigo Moya wrote:
However, I think we really do want the labels. For at least these few reasons:

 (App Consistency)
 - all the other toolbar items in tasks & cal have them
- the equivalent tools in the other evo components (delete, print, etc.) have labels

 (GNOME Consistency)
 - you must show labels when Toolbar pref is set to Text only
 - you should show labels when Toolbar pref is set to Text Below Icons

 - increases target area
- self describing action : important when icon theme is unusual. Imagine a theme that uses a Home icon that looks like a doormat. What would that do?

I'll hold off committing...

well, I guess I'll have to approve it then, given all these reasons :-)

Commit then, although are you sure evolution's toolbars follow the
GNOME-wide setting? (I can't test it right now)

Yeah, I guess I heaped it on a bit there. :)

The toolbars follow the settings with the exception of the NewCombo. However, I think that is harder to fix. We should try to fix it though...

Anyway, I committed the patch.


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