Re: [evolution-patches] A calendar problem on "play sound" reminder

On Sun, 2004-03-21 at 15:34 +0800, alfred.peng wrote:

> Dear Rodrigo,
>    We found a calendar problem on "play sound" reminder. Would you
> please help me to check it?
>    You can reproduce the problem following the steps:
>     1.Create a  appointment in the calender
>     2.Set up a "play sound" reminder without attachment(sound file) for
> this appointment.
>     3.Wait for the reminder time to come
>  result:
>     a message show up and there is no sound at all.
>     My opinion is:
>     Although there is no attachment for the reminder, maybe we should
> still get a *BEEP* sound and a message window.
looks ok


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