Re: [evolution-patches] Birthday/Anniversary calendar backend

Ok so, a few more minor things:

1. You didn't patch's AC_OUTPUT in e-d-s.
2. The migration code seems to be #ifdef'ed out
3. It should upgrade if the minor version is less than 2, not 3 (1.5.2
will be the next release).
4. The comp-util change is gratuitous (and does follow the style anyhow)
5. When bailing out of request new item, you should probably throw up a
dialog telling the user the calendar is read only.  Actually we should
handle this better in the gui since we have the selector to select
calendars in the editor now.
6. Dump the warnings in the goto dialog
7. Why did you add the runtime check in comp-editor-factory.c?


JP Rosevear <jpr ximian com>

Ximian, Inc.

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