Re: [evolution-patches] Birthday/Anniversary calendar backend

On Fri, 9 Jan 2004, JP Rosevear wrote:

> 1. You don't need your whole own server for contacts, just register the
> new method in server.c:setup_cals

Have you actually tried it? This was the first approach I took, but I
quickly discovered deadlocks when accessing the address book in-proc.

> 2. The date displays one day after it should.  

whoa. something must have happened in the last couple of days, I'll look
into it.

> Finally, you should probably handle migrating from 1.5.0 and 1.5.1,
> where groups might not be NULL.  Not that I'm sure I love that check in
> our migration code to begin with.

What groups do you mean here?

> I'm still not positive on this, I think users should be able to get rid
> of it if they want.  I guess the alternative is to have a setting in the
> prefs dialog.

I think this is good enough of a compromise for the time being. If the
user clicks Delete in the right-click menu, the birthday calendar is
toggled off, which is pretty intuitive. 

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