Re: [evolution-patches] another HIG patch

On Sat, 2004-01-03 at 00:47, Jeffrey Stedfast wrote:
> could you split this into 1 patch for each toplevel directory?
> ie, one for mail/, one for addresbsook/, one for  shell/, etc
> this will make it easier for us to review (since I can only OK the mail
> changes, I don't wan tto have to read thru pages and pages of other
> changes)

The mail config glade file and a few other source changes have been higified in a patch i submitted about 3 months ago.  See here:

I fear this patch will conflict with my patch.  I have been waiting some time for my patch to be checked in, and have already had to re-do it because of conflicts.  I would like to avoid this happening again. :)


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