[evolution-patches] Re: Icon Theme Patch

It's not actually in CVS yet. I know exactly how to do the fallback code
though, so I don't need any help with it really. It just requires
re-arranging the
installation of some of the images that are in art already, and a few
lines of
code. We basically just have to make the evolution images mimic what
would happen
for a real icon theme, and put it in a private directory, and get the
code to fall
back to looking there. I'm just waiting to commit your changes and the
few things
that I had to do to make it be up-to-date with CVS and everything,
before I do
anything else with my tree, since so many things are changed already.

-- dobey

On Pre , 2004-04-16 at 16:07 -0400, Michael Terry wrote:
> Great news!  Is the fallback the only thing still needed?  I can help
> integrate any remaining rough edges now that its in the tree.
> -mt

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