Re: [evolution-patches] gtkhtml: printing fix

> > get_tmargin and get_bmargin are calling printer_get_page_width instead
> > of printer_get_page_height. But more generally, the idea of making the
> > margins a fixed percentage of the page size instead of a fixed size
> > seems wrong. (If you do change get_tmargin and get_bmargin to call
> > get_page_height instead of width, then we'd end up with .5" left/right
> > margins but .66" top/bottom margins.)
> yeah, that's why I made them percentage of width and not height. why do
> you think having fixed value is better? it seems better to me to have it
> as percentage. they will look too big on smaller formats if they are
> fixed and vice versa.

Well, if the printer physically requires a certain margin (for the
paper-feed machinery or whatever), that would be independent of the
paper size, so using a percentage-based margin could result in too small
a margin when printing envelopes, for instance. (Not that people are
likely to be printing their email onto envelopes, admittedly.)

Windows seems to use a fixed margin size. Don't have a Mac handy to
check against.

-- Dan

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