Re: [evolution-patches] task preview in task component

> Maybe. I am all for us improving our terminology, and using words that
> are more consistent with other apps. As to whether "Reading Pane" is
> more understandable than "Preview Pane" or not, I would feel more
> comfortable making such a change if we tested the term to see how
> existing and new evo users reacted to it. Surely making such a change is
> not something that needs to be done right this minute, is it? Do you
> have a deadline for when you'd like to make a decision about this? 

This is just for unstable, so there is plenty of time...  However since
we were talking about the preview pane / reading pane in the context of
the task list I figured I would bring it up.

And it's true, "Reading Pane" is not the best term either.  I was just
trying to solicit opinions on the matter...  :)

> I am personally feeling more inclined toward names like "Details Pane",

I like "Details Pane" myself, although it seems to fit the task list
better than the mail view...

-- Ettore

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