Re: [Evolution] Error while Storing folder “Inbox”. table Inbox has 30 columns but 28 values were supplied

On Tue, Oct 26, 2021 at 9:48 AM Christopher Marlow <chris cwm030 com> wrote:


I was using the Flatpack version of Evolution but did a complete
removal and went back to the NON flatpack version of Evolution version
3.40.4-1 due to wanting to switch from the BOGO filter to spamassassin.
I found out Spam assassin does not work in the flatpack version so I
fired up my terminal and did a complete removal of evolution and then
opened the terminal again and installed the NON flatpack version of
Evolution for Ubuntu MATE.

But apon launching and trying to check a gmail account I am getting an
error when the emails are popped down to my computer:

"error while storing folder “inbox”. table inbox has 30 columns but 28
values were supplied"

And the emails do not show up anywhere in Evolution.

How do I fix this?


One last update:

I just added my ISP account to evolution and EVO said that it
downloaded 4 emails but they are no where to be found. So this issue
is affecting all accounts in Evolution.


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