Re: [Evolution] Take Evolution offline from a bash script?

On Sat, 2021-10-16 at 01:55 +0200, Andre Klapper via evolution-list
On Fri, 2021-10-15 at 15:37 -0600, larry wrote:
I want to back up Evolution mail using a cron job.
I want to use tar, but I would prefer that files in the
don't change while it's happening.
Is there any way to take it offline, then back online from a bash
You could shut it down. 
Or restart it with "evolution --offline".

Well, the way I see it, the whole point of running a job with cron is
that you don't have to actually do anything in preparation beforehand.
So what I am looking for is a way to safely shut down Evolution from a
bash script. Restarting from the script it is trivial.

So, let me ask you this. Is it safe (or advisable) to shut down
Evolution with a kill command?

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