[Evolution] Stuck search


somehow, the input in the quick search bar got stuck. Clicking on the (x) to the right, does not erase the field and I stay in a "filtered mode", where the directory tree to the left is grayed out and some functionality is inaccessible. I cannot just delete the input manually - as soon as I leave the input field, the text reappears. Closing and opening evolution does not do anything, same as logging in an out. The only temporary fix is to change to calendar (or any other alternative view) and switch back to email view. Then, at least folders aren't greyed out and filtering does not apply. However, the search input is still there. I can change the value to something else, but cannot get rid of it completely.After a while, it snaps back to filtered mode (have not found out hat causes this).

How do I get out of this? I already deleted ~/.config/evolution, but unfortunately this only meant setting up everything once more - and the search problem remained.

This is on an updated debian 11, evolution 3.42.0-2.


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