Re: [Evolution] Deleted or moved items remain

On Mon, 2021-11-01 at 20:56 -0700, Van Snyder wrote:
I have my reader set up to draw a line through deleted or moved
messages, instead of having them moved immediately. After I expunge
the inbox, and empty trash, the next time I get a message or do "Send
Receive", one of the deleted messages is almost always still in my
inbox. Have I set up something wrongly?

apart of your Evolution 3.30.5 being ancient, the current stable
version is 3.42.1, what is the account type (POP3/IMAP/...) you see
this with, please? Being it IMAP, do you use a real Trash folder (it's
on the Defaults tab of the account properties). Some servers can
require real trash for deletion to work (I know Gmail is one of such

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