[Evolution] Persistent unsendable undeletable message

When I close evolution 3.38.3-1 on Debian Buster 10, it says I have an unsent message. The options are Cancel  and Quit. If I cancel and then "send all" (F12), it says there is an error sending a message, and offers an opportunity to edit it.

I can't find a button to discard the message. Simply closing the window apparently keeps it.

I tried changing the destination and subject, and erasing the body, but it still can't be sent.

I used "Save as draft" from the File menu, then found the message in the "Drafts" folder under "On This Computer" and deleted (and expunged) it, but the next time I did "send all" it reappeared.

I  looked in all my Outbox and and other Draft[s] folders,  both in "On This Computer" and in my mail accounts, but I can't find it.

I tried searching for the subject using

find ~/mail -type f -exec grep ... {}\;
find ~/Evolution -type f -exec grep ... {}\;

Logging out didn't help. Rebooting didn't help.

How do I delete the message?

While I have your attention (changing the subject):

I have my reader set up to draw a line through deleted or moved messages, instead of having them moved immediately. After I expunge the inpux, and empty trash, the next time I get a message or "Send Receive", one of the deleted messages is almost always still in my inbox. Have I set up something wrongly?

Van Snyder
van snyder sbcglobal net

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