Re: [Evolution] After an update this evening Evolution crash at opening...

>‌Hi, the above means that you updated either libphonenumber or evolution- data-server, but not both, thus they mismatch and the evolution-data- server's libebook-contacts fails to load due to a missing symbol provided by libphonenumber. You need to rebuild evolution-data-server against the libphonenumber version you have installed. If you use precompiled version provided by the distribution maintainers, then let them know the provided version is broken (unless the other updated package is waiting in the update queue or something like that). A quick workaround is to downgrade the one which had been updated. This does not affect your data, it's safe. Bye, Milan
Hi Milan,

Thank you very much for your quick and precise answer.

So I have checked the version of both evolution data server and others library and seems to be at top of upgrade level (seems ... I'm not specialist)
And, yes, I'm using a precompiled version provided by the distribution (that is OpenSuse Tumbleweed) , so I have understood that I have to inform the mainteners about this issue... Will do this afternoon and come back to say what...

About downgrading, I'm not confortable with this manipulation... I have understood that is not dangerous for my data but I have to check before conscientiously how to do that.

Thank you again for the time you spend to help me
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