[Evolution] Cut & paste problems

  from time to time (and indeed quite frequently) I have problems with
cut(/copy) from evolution and paste into another application (e.g.
gedit, firefox). It's very annoying, and the only workaround I found
is to restart evo (using evolution --force-shutdown, because if I
simply close and reopen it the problem is still there). Then the
problem may appear again after a while.

Today it seems even worse, because if I copy something from evo and
paste into firefox, then firefox freezes. Gedit does not paste, but
does not freeze.

The "paste" does not work not only if I do it by ctrl+C/ctrl+V, but
also if I do it by "select and mid-click".

It works if I copy/paste inside evo itself.
It works if I copy something from another application (e.g. gedit,
firefox) and paste it into evo.

The behaviour is the same when copying some text from a message window
or from the composer.
Using keyboard or mouse also makes the same things happen.

Can anybody please help me? Is it a known bug?

Evolution 3.38.4 (3.38.4-1.fc33)

Many thanks,
best regards

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