Re: [Evolution] Backup and duplication Evolution Email


Thanks all.
The reason I doubted File->"Back up Evolution Data"
is that the evolution-backup-20210621.tar.gz is 10.2MB

The equivalent Thunderbird directory is over 109MB

Shall try restoring the backup on Evolution on the new machine tomorrow

The new AMD 5800x box is > 17x the old 4 core Intel dude.
That's based on a mix of finite element modelling/meshing, machine learning DSP algorithms to sieve the 
Going fully parallel and with GPU's in the loop excites.

Retire Intel box as a gift to someone methinks.

David Greig

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Subject: Re: [Evolution] Backup and duplication Evolution Email
Date: Mon, 21 Jun 2021 01:30:58 +0200

On 2021-06-21 at 00:03 +0100, David Greig via evolution-list wrote:

I need to transfer(xfer) Evolution Email to a new computer

My observation is that email and settings are in >1 folders.

What should I do?

Although if you are migrating the whole account, simply copying your
HOME would do.


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