Re: [Evolution] Delete calender event

On Thu, 2021-12-02 at 00:15 +1300, m.hooker wrote:
An attempt to delete it results in

Cannot remove calendar object: The specified object was not found in
the store., The process failed to get the correct properties.

it looks like your local cache has got out of sync with the server.
When you delete the calendar cache in
then run from a terminal:
   flatpak kill org.gnome.Evolution
and then start Evolution again, then it'll re-sync with the server from

Maybe a change on the evolution-ews side could be done to remove an
event from the local cache when the deletion ends with "object not
found" error returned by the server. That will just hide the above
error, but it will also help to cleanup the local cache.

Would you mind to file a new bug here, please?
I may add also a "Force Full Resync" button for the calendars/books/...
to make it simpler to start from scratch.

Are you able to see if you can replicate this behaviour?

I do not have an Outlook, thus I tried using the OWA interface of the
server. Results when using a simple appointment (not a meeting, neither

* created in evo - shows in OWA
   - deleted in evo - disappears in OWA
   - deleted in OWA - disappears in evo

* created in OWA - shows in evo
   - deleted in OWA - disappears in evo
   - deleted in evo - disappears in OWA

Thus it works fine for me. I did that with an Exchange 2019 server.

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