[Evolution] Failing to connect to Office365 account with MFA

Hi there,

Evolution 3.40.3 on Fedora 34 (flatpak version, but same issue occurs
with version from repository).

My organisation uses Office365 with multi-factor authentication for
email and calendar. I have custom Application and Tenant IDs. The first
time I set up my account, I went through the authentication and it all
worked fine.

Until I had to change my password. Now the MFA window shows up, I enter
my credentials, acknowledge the login from the MFA app on my phone, and
get the following error:

Failed to obtain access token from address [...] Bad Request
({"error":"invalid_grant","error_description":"AADSTS9002313: Invalid
request. Request is malformed or invalid" [...] })

As a workaround I set up DavMail so that I can keep accessing my
account using imap and caldav, but it’s not working super well and I’d
prefer to stick to Evolution’s native EWS support.

In case that matters: before I had to change my password, the MFA
window would show up several times a day, but I found that I could just
ignore it (press Escape) and still be able to refresh my email and
calendar. DavMail displays the MFA window only at startup and never
after (or maybe just once a day, haven’t been observing its behaviour
for long enough yet).

Any ideas?


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