Re: [Evolution] Calendar is read-only

Just a suggestion (and please bear in mind that I have NO google calendar experience and it is after midnight here!)

Is there a setting in Google that you need to toggle? Often if you wish to add Thunderbird or other mail programs to Google's email, you need to change a security setting to "allow less secure apps" (yes, they consider TB etc 'less secure' than using a web interface!)

I don't have experience with their calendars, but would wonder if there is something with them you need to alter?

Hope this helps, and really hope I don't push you into looking in a false direction!

On 20/08/21 12:07 am, Lucas Eichhorn via evolution-list wrote:
I was looking for alternatives to TB (on Ubuntu) and came across
Evolution. Looks pretty nice and it also has the must-have calendar
feature. However it seems to stay in “read-only”, I tried 3 ways of
adding it. Which means I cannot add/edit events and that makes the
calendar useless to me. I searched a bit online but couldn't find a
solution. Could you help me out? Am I doing something wrong? The
calendars I want to add are Google calendars and I tried the options of
adding: Google, On The Web, CalDAV.
Best! :)

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