Re: [Evolution] Switching Between Message List and Preview Panes

On Wed, 2021-08-11 at 22:42 +0200, Gilchrist, Michael Aaron via
evolution-list wrote:
Currently, I would like to set up a keyboard shortcut, such as Ctl-e
Tab, to toggle between the "Message List" and "Preview" panes within
the Mail component of Evolution. Is there a setting in dconf or
~/.config/evolution/accels that I can use to achieve this?

no, there is no such setting, the 'accels' references existing actions,
not generic shortcuts.

Try F6/Shift+F6, eventually Tab/Shift+Tab, but the later jumps between
links, not only the panels. You can see some other shortcuts in
Help->Keyboard Shortcuts, if it's available in your version.

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