Re: [Evolution] Reply often loses a chunk of the mail trail

On Thu, 2021-04-22 at 02:17 +0200, Louis van Dyk wrote:
if I understand it correctly, then this is:

The fix mentioned is to enable "Wrap quoted text in replies", but I
already have that setting enabled.  It seems it's something else.

nope, it's not about enabling the option. The option was to reproduce
the problem. The bug summary says what it is about:

   Composer: Nested quoted text can get lost in Reply on HTML mail

which is, if I understand it correctly, what you described.


P.S.: An unrelated topic: Could I dare to ask you how you replied to my
previous message, please? It (the message I'm replying to) completely
broke threading. I see more such messages in this mailing list
recently, from different senders.

Your message lacks an "In-Reply-To" header, which should be the message
you replied to, thus that mine, and it has a "References" header, which
references a message I cannot find in my evolution-list folder at all.
I'm wondering how this could happen.

Using usual reply methods (in this case Ctrl+L to Reply To List, or
other Reply options) should preserve the right headers as expected.
They do for me at least, when you check the messages from me. If you do
this anyhow with Forward, then it's not what it should be done. At
least here, on this list.

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