[Evolution] Still stuck with sorting messages

Hi all,

Evo version now 3.38.1 (by Flathub.org)  which is the latest I can find (installed via flatpak since none of the Devuan/Debian etc repos had a later version than I was using). 

I prefer to sort email folders first  with unread messages at the top then in descending date order for the rest - so a message received a week ago that is unread will be above a message from today that has been read. 

Just looking in the folder for this group, I have all the unread messages at the top, but for the read messages I have a handful from "yesterday", a couple from Friday, some from Jan 2018 (when I was previously subscribed), some from Dec 2017, more from yesterday, another from Friday, another from 2018 and the rest from '17. 

My main inbox folder seems OK, though it's a lot harder to spot such issues in there :-) 

I have turned off grouping by threads. 

Is it possible to get Evolution to display messages in date order while bringing the unread ones to the top? 


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