[Evolution] Contacts are not saved but in fact they are

Every time I try to modify a contact in Evolution Contacts I get the
following error message: 

Cannot modify contacts: Failed to put data: HTTP error code 201
(Created): Created

Then, I try to close the contact and get a warning that I will lose the
modifications. I try to save again and the same pattern repeats.
Eventually, I simply quit and lose the edits.

Now, what really puzzles me is that when I return to the contact
immediately I see that the changes are indeed lost, but after a while
the changes pop up in the contact.
That is, Evolution is probably saving but not getting an acknowledgement
and then get synchronized with the address book server and display the
changes. I did try to find clues of what is happening but nothing I get
seems related.
Opening Evolution in terminal does not show any error message.

Note that I have address books with iCloud, gmail, and Exchange. All
have the same behavior. This has been consistent since Evolution 3.32 so
I do not think it is related to new updates.

Evolution 3.36.2
Kernel 5.6.10-3-MANJARO

Any hints would be greatly appreciated.


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