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On Thu, 2020-04-30 at 09:32 +0200, Milan Crha via evolution-list wrote:
On Wed, 2020-04-29 at 15:52 -0500, Anonymous Japhering via
evolution-list wrote:

I built the current version stable version yesterday ( json file
attached if that helps ).

However, today any time I see this message

(evolution-addressbook-factory:25): GLib-GIO-WARNING **:
15:28:02.223: Error calling GetManagedObjects() when name owner :1.74
for name
came back: Timeout was reached

I see from the attached json that you use the 3.36 runtime, which is
good. Did you update it recently? I know of a problem in libsecret [1],
which causes the evolution-source-registry to crash when reading
passwords from the service. The above D-Bus name is for the
evolution-source-registry. I guess it's either stuck or it crashed for
some reason. You can check what your Platform uses with:

   $ flatpak run org.gnome.Platform//3.36
   (flatpak) $ cat /usr/manifest.json | grep libsecre

You may want to see there libsecret-0.20.3.tar.xz there.

yes, I see that ..

appear in the window where I started evolution, it hangs and hangs

Right, it's waiting for a response from the source registry.

pgrep -l evolution shows

Better use:

   ps ax | grep evolution

it shows also paths. Anything from /app/ comes from the Flatpak world
(unless you compile into that prefix yourself).

/app/libexec/evolution-addressbook-factory -r
/app/libexec/evolution-calendar-factory -r
/bin/sh /app/bin/evolution

I would try to run evolution from a terminal. It can show some
information there. The command is:

   $ flatpak run org.gnome.Evolution

Precisely. I have a shell alias that runs said command.

I can kill everything but the evolution.bin  process.

You should be able to kill it with:

   $ kill -9 PID

that's a very powerful toy.

I'm fully aware of kill -9. but by the time I'm trying to run it, the evolution.bin process, the parent process is init and
repeated kill -9s have no effect. The only thing that kills the process is a reboot.

I notice this most when trying to  send an email with an attachment,

I vaguely recall a bug about something similar in the Flatpak. I do not
recall any details, I'm sorry, but I'm afraid it's problem of the

There are ways to install debuginfo data for Flatpak applications and
run them with development tools. It's something like this:

   $ flatpak install flathub org.gnome.Evolution.Debug

(replace 'flathub' with the repository you install evolution from).

Done and ready for debug the next time things hang.

   $ flatpak run --devel --command=sh org.gnome.Evolution
   (flatpak) $ gdb /app/libexec/evolution-source-registry --ex r

when it'll look like it's not doing anything, just break it with Ctrl+C
and then execute:

   (gdb) t a a bt
   (gdb) q
   (flatpak) $ exit

The backtrace will show what it does. In case it'll crash (you'd not
need to break it with Ctrl+C), you can just get the backtrace of the
crash. The 'q' command quits the gdb, possibly asking you to kill the
running process (the evolution-source-registry). You can use 'c' for
continue, if you'd like to give it more time.

Please check the backtrace for any private information, like passwords,
email address, server addresses,... I usually search for "pass" at
least (quotes for clarity only), before sharing it anywhere.



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