Re: [Evolution] clone Exchange mailbox to local mailbox

Hi Milan,

thx for your answer!

On Thu, 2020-01-30 at 15:52 +0100, Michael Hirmke wrote:
I'd like to clone my Exchange server mailbox to a local Mailbox to
get rid of Exchange in the long term.
What would be the bet/easiest way to do that?
Can I use the cache in some way?

the cache can be incomplete, better to use UI functions, from my point
of view.

I just tried it, created an On This Computer/was-ews folder, then I
right-clicked EWS/Inbox folder and picked Copy to Folder..., where I
chose the On This Computer/was-ews folder (in fact, I created the
folder in the Copy To Folder dialog). Then the code downloaded all the
messages in the Inbox and in its subfolders, thus the structure is
preserved. It can be a pita when you've many top-level folders, but
otherwise it's one of the simplest methods I can think of.

I have lots of folders, but in a very deep structure. In the top level
there are only about 10 folders. So I'll follow your suggestion. Thx


Michael Hirmke

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