Re: [Evolution] yahoo OAuth2

On Mon, 2020-01-13 at 15:50 -0500, Eugene via evolution-list wrote:
I just found out that yahoo mail required OAuth2 since long time ago 

it doesn't really 'require' it, it rather 'supports' it.

and while evolution happily supports OAuth2 for google and outlook
mail OAuth2 does not seem to be offered for yahoo in v3.34.2.

Am I missing something?

No, you are not missing anything. The last time I checked Yahoo! OAuth2
interface they stopped to offer the Mail scope, without which it's kind
of useless (or better not that useful as it could be). My information
is few years old, I do not know the current situation, but as they
offered it, then stopped to offer it for some reason, I'd not be
surprised if they still do not allow to use that scope for new OAuth2

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