Re: [Evolution] Error while Storing changes in folder “Infinera : Junk Email”.

On Fri, 2020-01-10 at 07:52 +0000, Joakim Tjernlund via evolution-list
I have to manually do "Refresh" on each Calendar/Contact.
Is there an option that makes evo reconnect automatically?

it's usually done on network connection changes, like when the machine
goes online or offline. Also, asking to do an operation which requires
connection will try to connect first. One of such is the mentioned

Why this happens I do not know. Could it be that the evolution-
calendar-factory, and/or address book factory, starts too early? Will
restart of the background processes (`evolution --force-shutdown`) do
the trick?

It would be better to find the cause and fix it, if possible. I'm not
sure of any good way how to find it out though.

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