[Evolution] "Reply to List" - Was: fetch only last 30 days emails from server

On Sat, 2020-08-01 at 08:42 -0500, Orrin McGill wrote:
Mailer: Android
When I reply to this list, it emails the commenter and the list as
well. Why does it reply to the commenter and not be just the list?


what is "it" for? An Android mailer? Evolution? If "it" is for
Evolution, what version of Evolution?

How do you evoke a reply to the mailing list only?

You are probably making a mistake, when you try to evoke a reply to the
mailing list only. You at least did three things that are unusual for
replies to mailing list. 1. You replied to another thread instead
starting a new thread. 2. You quoted completely unrelated text. That's
why I suspect that you didn't invoke a reply to the mailing list only.
But that's just a guess, since 3. you did not describe what you exactly

In the Toolbar click the triangle right beside "Group Reply" and then
select "Reply to List". I guess as long as the mail contains the mailing
list headers any other "From", "Reply to", "Cc" address is ignored,
which isn't the case, if you evoke a reply to the mailing list by a
"Group Reply".

Depending on your mailman settings it could happen, that you don't
receive duplicated emails, so under some circumstances, if somebody
replies to you and to the list, you only receive a mail without a
mailing list header.


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