Re: [Evolution] How to move and merge archive?

> Is it possible to copy an archive from one computer to another, and
> still see all the table-of-contents?

I do this by copying / synchronizing the full mail folder of the evolution directory between computers. My systems are Ubuntu linux and the  mail folder is in .local/share/evolution/mail/local. Carefully synchronize your folder from your active computer to an external drive and from there onto the computer you use next. I use the rsync routine with the following codes: 
rsync -rauv --delete /home/yourcomputerloginname/.local/share/evolution/mail/local /media/yourcomputerloginname/drivename
To sync with computer:
rsync -rauv --delete /media/yourcomputerloginname/drivename/local home/yourcomputerloginname/.local/share/evolution/mail
--delete is used to ensure that any folder changes are incorporated in the copy. Best that you learn about how it works first because it deletes files out of place.

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