Re: [Evolution] HTML messages displayed in white color

On Thu, 2019-09-12 at 11:57 +0200, Carlo Delle Donne via evolution-list 
HTML messages are displayed in a white font, over a white background,
making it impossible to read them.

HTML messages default to white background, if they do not specify the
background color on their own. The text color defaults to black, though
it uses to be overwritten by the message creator more often.

Would it be possible to share such message, please?

It is not needed as a complete message, only the text/html part is the
relevant one. You can simply right-click one of those messages and pick
"Save as mbox" from the context menu, then edit it in any text editor
and search for "text/html" in there. Text after that is somehow encoded
HTML code, which is passed to the preview panel, preprocessed in some
way. I do not know what encoding the sender used, it can be quoted-
printable, which is easy to read, or base64, which requires decoding
first, to get to the actual content, or some other. This is good to be
able to remove any sensitive data from the HTML content.

If unsure, feel free to send the message only to me, ideally zipped as
an attachment, rather than share it in public. I promise to use it only
for testing purposes.

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