Re: [Evolution] All Mails filtered as spam

On Tue, 2019-07-23 at 08:16 +0200, Michael wrote:
I am using Evolution 3.28.5 (3.28.5-3.fc28).
Since some days, all mails in "Posteingang" (="Inbox") are
automatically filtered into folder "unerw├╝nscht (="Spam").

I am using quite some filters (30+), so to make sure none of these are
the ones that are "guilty", I deactivated all of them. Still, all mails
are filtered to spam. Is there anywhere else I have to look?


how do you filter spam? I'm _not_ doing it by the message filters,
originally I chose the Bogofilter "plugin" [1], but the box mentioned by
the link doesn't exist anymore. However, perhaps all messages contain X-
Spam headers. If so, ensure that in 'Edit > Preferences > Mail
Preferences > Tab: Junk > Check custom headers for junk' the check is
disabled. But first take a look at the headers of at least one email.
You can do it selecting 'View > Message source'.

To test with a clean bogofilter database you could rename its directory.

mv -i ~/.bogofilter/ ~/.bogofilter.BAK

Btw. you always should mention if the issue happens with POP or IMAP
accounts. I'm using POP accounts only.

If you run evolution from command line, you could temporarily change the
language. Run

LANG=C evolution

to get the English version.



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