Re: [Evolution] How often should I expect OAuth2 authentication to fail ?

On Sat, 2019-07-06 at 17:01 -0500, Japhering via evolution-list wrote:
Next question, is there anyway to move my filter rules and signatures
from the non-flatpak version to the flatpak version?

the main problem with the filters is that they reference account UIDs,
like when you copy/move messages with them, or when you check whether
they are from particular account. These UIDs are unique identifiers,
which also means that when you recreated the account the UID changed.

I can point you to the actual files to copy to the Flatpak version
(including those for the signatures, which do not suffer of the UIDs
issue), if you'd like to, but you might need to re-edit all the filters
to make sure they reference correct accounts (even if the UI will look
like having set correct account it can be just a default value, not the
actual value being set, which is now non-existent). It's a manual work,
there's nothing automatic to do it.

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