Re: [Evolution] No Matter What I Try, Can't Move Thunderbird Archives to Evo

On Mon, 2019-02-18 at 00:54 +0000, Bill and Carol Yager wrote:
Is it because Evo is now using a different email method than
Thunderbird (maildir vs mbox)?

yes, I believe the old methods do not work, because of the different
formats. I would try:
a) copy Thunderbird MBOX files into a new directory (you can do it
   directly in the Thunderbird directory too, but better to have
   backups and keep private Thunderbird files to Thunderbird only);
b) in Evolution's menu: File->New->Mail Account, enter some fake email
   address, disable Lookup (at the bottom), then click Next and pick
   type "Standard Unix mbox spool directory" and point it to the
   directory you copied Thunderbird files to; continue the wizard with
   None sending type and that's it.
c) once you finish the new account wizard you should see your folder
   structure from Thunderbird (as copied to the new location) in
   Evolution and you either can use it as is, or copy it into On This

This is untested, I just think that it should work. Always make backups
of your data before any such change, because you are playing with
internal files of respective application(s).

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