Re: [Evolution] No Matter What I Try, Can't Move Thunderbird Archives to Evo

On Mon, 2019-02-18 at 00:54 +0000, Bill and Carol Yager wrote:
My Evo version is:  3.30.1        and I am set up for POP3 using serrver

I have many, many saved emails organized in hundreds of sub-folder
hierarchies in Thunderbird 60.4.0.   I believe the Thunderbird formt
is Mbox while the Evo system is using Maildir.

For two weeks I have been trying Evolution and really like the UI,
but I have been unsuccessful in migrating the Thunderbird emails to
Evolution.  There are far too many to use the GUI within Evo which
only appears to move one file at a time.  Also, I have searched these
mailing list archives for solutions and have tried them. No luck.

I have tried two methods:

1. Copied the Saved_Mail.sbd folder (my top-level saved mail folder)
from Thunderbird

    Home\thunderbird\xxxxxx.default\Mail\Local Folders\Saved_Mail.sbd

   into the Evolution "local" folder resulting in

    Home\.local\share\evolution\mail\local\Saved Mail.sbc

2. Created a folder "Saved_Mail" using the Evolution GUI and then
copied the contents of the Thunderbird "Saved Mail.sbd" over to the
Evolution "Saved_Mail" folder. In addition to the copied files, I see
the "cur", "new" and "tmp" files in the Evo "Saved_Mail" folder,
indicating the Maildir structure.

How did you come up with these two methods?

Have you tried following
? That could be outdated though so I'd be interested in updating it...

Some people have mentioned that the file to copy over is the
file within the Thunderbird "Saved Mail.sbd" folder that doesn't have
any extension; "Saved Mail.  " in my case.  But, this file is empty
(size = 0)??

What am I doing wrong?  Other people have mentioned that they have
successfully moved a folder hierarchy over to Evolution.  Is it
because Evo is now using a different email method than Thunderbird
(maildir vs mbox)?  If so, how do I compensate for this?

Any help will be greatly appreciated.  Really want to move from TB to

Andre Klapper  |  ak-47 gmx net

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