Re: [Evolution] auto-delete ignored threads

On Wed, 2019-02-13 at 08:13 -0600, miostreams via evolution-list wrote:
Is there a way to build a rule based on that information, so that
ignored threads can move auto-moved to another folder?

only with a custom expression. I'm not sure if you understand the way
it works:
a) you receive messages in certain folder (possibly moved there from
   Inbox according to some filters)
b) you realize that some thread is not for you, thus you mark it as
c) whenever a new message arrives to this folder and is added into
   the thread, then the code sees the thread is marked to be ignored
   (because the messages in that thread are marked as such), thus it
   marks the new message as ignored too.

Moving this ignored thread to a different folder, because it is
ignored, won't work, because in step c) there will be no message in the
destination folder from that thread, thus no information about the
thread being ignored, thus the new message will be left new.

        Hope it helps,

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