[Evolution] Importing shared calendar


I'm using Evolution on CentOS 7 with EWS extension. Exchange serveur is 2016.

So far so good, no problem with email or any other components. But then I was asked to import a shared calendar.

So I did a 'Subscribe to folder of other user' then select the right guy then choose Calendar as folder name.

The calendar shows up to the agenda folder but with a weird name like ghY-aJJWJ ...not exaclty the name of the colleague; I did not find a way to change that name.

Any idea ?

This is evolution from stock, 3.28.5 (3.28.5-5.el7).

Jean-François Rameau

30 chemin de Revaison 69800 SAINT PRIEST      
Tél : 04 72 45 08 16 Fax: 04 72 45 08 19

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