Re: [Evolution] Contact autocompletion

On Thu, 2018-11-29 at 18:12 +0100, Martin Monperrus wrote:
Since my last OS update (Debian),

do you know what version of evolution-ews had been installed before the
update, please?

contact completion is broken on my box. It autocompletes only on
emails, not on first or last name anymore.

Is that for Global Address List (aka GAL) or for a user address book?
If it's GAL, then make sure you use Offline Address Book (OAB), which
can be found in Mail account Properties, at the bottom of Receiving
Options tab. The option is inaccessible if there is no OAB URL filled
on the Receiving Email tab. The non-offline GAL does live queries
towards the server and it is limited what can be searched for there, in
contrast to offline GAL, which evolution has full control of, thus it
can do complicated searches there as well.


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