Re: [Evolution] How to undo an incorrect image display response and why do certain emails not show all content?

On Mon, 2018-05-28 at 13:14 +0000, Siv wrote:
I assume that won't cause any troubles in Mint?

well, I guess they would do that already, being it simple. There are
also other things involved, like the policy on updates in Long Term
Support (LTS) distributions. The easiest would be, for testing
purposes, to create a virtual machine and install into it a
distribution which provides the latest Evolution and test there how the
message will look like. Note that inline images are often hidden, not
shown as attachments, because they are part of the HTML content, thus
not real attachments. There had been some changes around this logic in
the past. It also depends how your Prefer Plain is set up (Edit
->Preferences->Mail Preferences->HTML messages, at the bottom). When
you change it to, for example, Show plain text if present, and you'll
check to add the HTML part as an attachment, then the inline images
will be shown as attachments too. 

I tried your idea of left click in the message body and then right
click Display Plain text version but when I do that I only get these

Okay, then your version doesn't have that option.

Looking at the source of the mail message it seems to show all the
embedded images used in the report and then stops after that?

Hard to tell, I'd need to see that message myself.

-----Original Message-----
From: evolution-list-request gnome org
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Subject: evolution-list Digest, Vol 154, Issue 26

Digest are bad, like here, you basically wrote a new message, not a
reply to my response, which broke threading. Digests can be turned off
in the mailing list settings, see the footer of each message being sent
here for the link. Nonetheless, evolution can cope with digests too,
just either click the arrow icon above the message you want to reply to
and pick "reply to list" or such, or use the right-click trick as with
the 'Display Plain Text version' option and choose the Reply option
from there. That way you keep proper threading.

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