Re: [Evolution] Evolution and RTL

By loading evolution's set of plugins (in Debian/Ubuntu: sudo apt-get install
evolution-plugins*), it's possible to use an external editor (menus
Edit/Plugins) , which can be chosen by clicking the external plugin's
configuration button.

Gedit, leafpad and other editors automatically change the text direction to
RTL for RTL languages.  You open the compose window and begin to type, and
this opens the external editor, then you save the file, then close the
editor.  The text appears in the compose window aligned to the left side
(i.e. the wrong side).

A message so composed will be received in gmail with the text on the right,
as it should be.  In other systems, for example fastmail's web client, it
appears aligned to the left (wrong side).

Someone created an RTL toolbar, which can be found on Github at  However the
installation did not work for me.  I opened an "issue" there.

It's 2018 and, by now, an important application like Evolution ought to work
flawlessly in RTL languages, though it's true that only about two or three
billion people are using them.

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