[Evolution] GPG per recipient rules

Dear All !

I am a new user of evolution, had to switch from thunderbird as i
suddenly was forced to use Microsoft Exchange Protocol for email

Anyway, so far i am happy with Evolution, it has really matured.

However, there is one feature i think is missing in Evo thats present
in TB, and that are per-Recipient settings for GPG. Its a sad fact that
only a handful of my contacts can use GPG encryption, however i would
really like to keep encrypting my mail to these few recipients. In
Evolution i can only find the "encrypt all email" setting in the
account settings which is sub-optimal. It forces me to either remember
to press "encrypt" every time i email one of the select contacts that
have GPG or to unclick "encrypt" in every email to all the other
contacts which dont use GPG and where encryption fails due to missing
GPG keys.

Did i miss the correct setting somewhere ? Is there a simple solution ?

Thanks for your help,

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