[Evolution] The backspace key: Ummm.. is that suppose to happen lol?

Quick question,

I was searching through a folder for a certain email

and I tapped the backspace key to make EVO go back to normal operation
( meaning show me everything that's in that particular folder) instead
of just emails ending in @xxx.com

And as I was tapping backspace, thinking I was erasing what was in the
search box, I didn't realize at that second that I didn't have my
cursor in the search box to erace what was in the search box. 

So, I was hitting backspace EVO started scrolling through the emails in
that folder... I don't think it deleted anything, because I checked the
trash can and it was empty. And I also right clicked on the folder and
went to properties and I saw that the TOTAL MESSAGES list # were still
the same when I tried repeating that again in a more unimportant folder
( some joke email's my aunt sends me that i've yet to catch up on Lol )

Also, I think it also changed folders for me a couple times too.. Like
took me from FOLDER A to viewing FOLDER B when tapping backspace. 

Why does the backspace key in EVO scroll through emails, as if you were
using the arrow keys ? 

Heck, i'm glad that happened instead of EVO moving emails I need to the
trash when you tap the backspace key, which in Outlook 2016, tapping
backspace ARCHIVES the emails instead of deleting. That's another good
safety feature. I think. 

Thank you and take care!
-- Chris

Main Email address: chris cwm030 com
(Please send all off topic messages to my main address..Thanks)

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