Re: [Evolution] how do you send mail when its destination is on a blacklist

On Mon, 2018-07-16 at 13:18 +0100, Richard Bown wrote:
I've received mail from a friend which requires a receipt to be sent.
but the delivery is stopped by the message the recipient is on a
Anyway to force this ???

[As a matter of personal policy, I *never* send read receipts. Some
company policies may require them and Evo does support them, but they
are unreliable (i.e. the lack of a receipt cannot be taken to mean the
original message wasn't received) and are also a way for spammers to
check if your email address is alive. IMHO they should be discouraged.]

Be that as it may, what you're asking is not confined to read receipts.
 What do you mean the recipient is on a blacklist? They can't send mail
to you (though they apparently could) or you can't send mail to them?
If the latter, is this a blacklist at your mail server? If so, the only
options are a) use a different mail server, or b) convince your server
admin to change the policy. None of this is related to Evolution.


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